Cold weather hits Reno and I just want to get the hell out

Cold weather hits Reno and I just want to get the hell out

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Man! It’s brutally cold in Reno this week.  Cold weather is not my thing and I’m glad I’m not a person that has to work outdoors this time of year.  Crazy.  But a buddy of mine owns a construction company in Reno and I asked him about it.  He says that as he gets older – it seems worse.  I certainly get that.  He’s like 60.  I would not want to do construction at his age (out in the cold).  But, he’s really good at what he does – so I’m sure he won’t change just because it’s colder than a witch’s tit outside.

I worked with a neighbor of mine a few years back.  He had a post hole drilling business and a specially modified jeep that carried a massive post hole drill.  It was awesome for building fences, punching holes for post barns, and holes for light pole cages (commercial construction).  The coldest time I ever used it to punch holes was at the top of Mt Rose ski area. And I mean the very top.  I brought the jeep in through a road that came from the back of the mountain to the top.  They had an enclosed snow cat to guide the way (and to pull me out if I got stuck).  I made it the whole way to the spot where they needed me to drill two 12″ holes.  The wind was blowing snow at 60+ mph and I was completely unprotected in this jeep.  I drilled the holes and beat feet to the other side of the mountain.  By the time I got back to our truck and trailer (we used to transport the jeep to jobsites) – I was so frozen that I could not move my fingers enough to chain the jeep back down on the trailer.

F**k that crap.  I decided right then that I was not built to work in the snow or any sort of cold weather.  So, I tip my hat in salute to all of you home builders, general contractors, and other construction folk that work out in the weather.  Glad that you do it!

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